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About Us

15 Years of experience in China's Supply Chain Management for International OEMs and Major Brands.

Our core speciality Supply Chain Management for OEMs and major brands. 

We provide services in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Consultation, and Finance of large scale industrial projects in Oil and Gas sector. In addition, we provide procurement and supply chain management services in China to international automotive OEMs and Major brands. 

We also like to invest  in businesses we can add value to. 


A Selection Of Industries We Serve

Two individuals in our board of directors were the chinese automotive engineers that entered in the industry 30 years ago and are known as “the pioneers of chinese automotive industry”.

Our Services

After determining the most cost efficient and effective distribution channel for your company’s product, we will routinely provide you with a full evaluation of your supply chain. Our network of global SRG Associates based on up-to-date and best practices in the field Supply Chain Management provide solutions to help reduce distribution costs and streamline the flow of information from end users to your company through our specialized Global Distribution Management System (GDSM).

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SILK ROAD GROUP is a consulting firm. We provide consultation services with regard to supply chain management and logistics to the assembly lines of automotive clients such as Peugeot, Renault, Kia, Mazda, and Suzuki, and the part suppliers to these clients. We consult international merchants on distribution channel sourcing and management.

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SRG offers specialized expertise in the field of polymer technology, including plastic and rubber materials, coatings, paints, adhesives, and other unique polymeric applications. A team of highly-qualified multidisciplinary personnel provides practical solutions and relevant answers while delivering consistent, professional service.

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We work with your team to develop the information needed for due diligence and approvals, ensuring robust assessments of the potential costs and benefits of proposed investments.

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SRG, short for Silk Road Group, is a company registered in People’s Republic of China. SRG has a mandate from Ministry of Commerce and Industries of China to represent and facilitate export related activities on behalf of the Ministry.

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Company Overview

The developing countries are in the period of stabilizing and developing their economies with the aim to integrate into the international economy. Their needs are unique and diverse. There is a need for a strong network of manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. All growing economies require an intricate and efficient network in order to meet the needs of its people. Silk Road Group (SRG) focus is to help the developing companies to communicate with developed or industrial countries that are able to provide the needs of growth through trade. Our aim is to create and cultivate a dynamic prosperous relationship with our business partners by offering only the highest quality service and products.

SRG is a collection of experienced, professional, knowledgeable and skilled individuals committed to providing the very best in products and services. Our managers are experts in market analysis as well as in integrating and applying advanced technology and international experience into the global economy. 

SRG can extend its reach globally as the company has multi-national advisors as well as connection to the most wanted industries such as China, Canada, European countries, UAE, East Africa, and Russia. SRG is a multi-lingual speaking corporation and has directors that are fluent in English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish and Swahili languages.

Our current main services include Consultation, Procurement and Finance for large scale industrial projects, Procurement and Supply Management of Automotive Parts for OEMs and Major Brands, Supplier Management of ongoing contracts including lead time management, SCM, quality inspection and international trade of petrochemical.


Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain solutions (GDSM) allows for full control of the distribution channel resulting in constant re-flow of information to the exporter. With full control over your distribution channel, you can adopt your distribution channel to any changes that you see fit in your product/services. The increasing flow of information and data received from the channel allows your firm to fully evaluate the distribution process and it can eventually turn your company from a product centric value chain model to a customer centric value chain model on global scale. 

Code of Conduct

We are committed to the highest standards of product quality and business integrity in its dealings with Suppliers and ensuring that working conditions in our supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally and socially responsible. To ensure our relationships with Suppliers meet and support these expectations, SRG is endorsing the Industry Supplier Code of Conduct.

We also strongly encouraging our Suppliers to acknowledge and support our Code and seek to conform to its standards and provisions documented in detail below. In selecting qualified Suppliers SRG will be giving preference to those that are socially and environmentally progressive. In addition, failure to comply with the standards and provisions set forth in our Code may result in Supplier disqualification.

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Community Program

SILK ROAD Community Program is designed to provide funding to local artists, local bands, and local advocacy groups on a selected basis. Qualified unincorporated applicants may receive a grant for up to $1,000, or a loan for up $10,000 for incorporated applicants.

To be eligible for funding through SRG Community Program your group must:

  • be a local group composed of minimum 2 people with an active role in managing the group activities.
  • have previously successfully organized at least one activity and be able to provide proof.
  • be able to clearly articulate their plan for becoming profitable regardless of whether or not the proceeds will be for charity or otherwise.
  • have already sought different ways of financing and provide explanation for the lack of success in raising funds.
  • be able to clearly articulate how the funding will be used to advance the mission and vision of the group. 
For more information, please visit Community Program Page

Automotive OEM Services

SILK ROAD GROUP is a consulting firm. We provide consultation services with regard to supply chain management and logistics to the assembly lines of automotive clients such as Peugeot, Renault, Kia, Mazda, and Suzuki, and the part suppliers to these clients. We consult international merchants on distribution channel sourcing and management. We provide our investor clients with consultations on equity investment opportunities in Canada. Our collective industry expertise is at your disposal. We advise, you choose. We often invest capital in operations in which our set of advice is fully implemented. This differentiates us from most other consulting firms. We provide consultation packages that you can bank on.

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